“Why another blog? Really, GG, isn’t the Almighty Internet riddled with enough of them already? We’ve had it with the useless drivel that everyone has dumped into the pipes, and, quite frankly, your useless drivel is no more welcome than the rest of it, no matter how cleverly alliterated your title may be. What on earth does ‘gourmet fashionista’ mean, anyway? Who are you, some geek who thinks she can be another fashion guru?”

That’s an awful lot of accusations, there, World. But, hey, I can understand your frustration. There is a whole lot of garbage polluting the www. But I promise you that I’ll do my best not to add to the trash pile.

I’m here because I love writing. About everything. But, more importantly, I love laughing. But I love it even more when I can get someone else laughing with me. Goodness knows my funny stories can ramble on (and on and on), but what’s a rambling story if it doesn’t make someone smile? I should really name this blog “risible” which means–”exciting laughter; worthy to be laughed at; amusing.”

Any of my friends could tell you that when I talk, I ramble, and the more I ramble, the funnier I get. (Then again, just about anything is funny at 3 AM after a Friends marathon and many, many glasses of hard water. But I digress.) Every once in a while, I just want to write about something, anything, just to help me see the bright side.

Now, don’t mistake me for Pollyanna. I’m no eternal optimist. Not every post is going to be a barrel of laughs. I may ramble about poetry, web design, psychology, cats, neighbors (none of these will be optimistic, I assure you), fashion (these will be rants), food, culture, causes, cartoons, films, or even (gasp) politics. Who knows what may turn up.

This is a blog of random inspirations.

So, World, I apologize for afflicting you with yet another blog. Hopefully, in time, this one will become something worth reading.

“Well, alright. I still say it’s drivel. But at least I’ll get a good laugh out of it.”

You’re too kind.