I hate the fact that we live in a world where we no longer are free to tell each other stuff that really mean a lot to us. The things we feel in the very deepest parts of our souls. The things that make us physically ache to the core. The forbidden things we are told we should not feel and (Heaven forbid) ever say out loud. Instead we hide our true selves behind lies and secrets, whispered quietly when we know no one is listening. We conceal our broken hearts behind a counterfeit smile and forged laughter, and worst of all, we shy away from our own hot tears – the most primal emotional response of all – The very first thing we do the moment we are born. Sigh. What a tragic existence we are all forced to to live…(yes I know, I’m being a drama queen. Again.)

So this is my answer. This is my way of breaking free. This is the place where I will lay all my feelings bare – The good, the bad and (more often then not) the ugly! If you like what I have to say, then please read on. If you don’t, then simply stop reading.

There will be plenty of  laughs, maybe a few tears, the occasional rant, some MAJOR mess-ups, a great deal of self loathing, attempted repentance and A LOT of food and music. I may even throw in a few emotional meltdowns for good measure… But these are not things I will apologize for. Because, after all, aren’t these the universal ingredients of  what makes for a really good read?