Since childhood, I have been instilled with the importance of having a proper respect for books.

Sometimes all I can do is sit back and ponder how good God is to let people, wonderful people, into our lives.

It’s all about picking your poison

Don’t you ever, ever give up on yourself

California happened and losing weight became impossible

I think people with the most beautiful souls are those that have faced the toughest challenges life has to offer them.

Sometimes you just have nothing to say.

Go and live your beautiful and significant lives on this beautiful and significant day.

This is not something new. From the beginning of time, mankind has had to face the same nagging problem that we of the modern century deal with every moment of our lives: Too much to do. Too little time to

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It’s amazing how a work day can be so crazy.

Yes. Yes, I am too tired to think straight.

As children, we learn to appreciate the value of a good story. Children know what it means to suspend disbelief long enough to really believe that genies live in lamps and fairy godmothers can get us out of tight places.

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Those who love you for your mask do not love you. Those who only look at the skin and not the heart do not know what love is.