Once upon a time, my family discovered the joys of organic food. Through careful research we found that organic food lacked preservatives and antibiotics that contribute to things like chronic weight gain, unsheddable pounds and the inability to process antibiotics when one actually needs them. As a result, we became a 90% organic-eating family. I exercised regularly, and with the help of The Master Cleanse diet, I lost 20 pounds and reached my ideal weight of 98 lbs. Life was good.

Then, California happened.

There is food everywhere. Non-organic food. Preservative-laden food. Fried food. Sugary food. What’s worse, readily available food. Even if you gauge yourself at dinner, there will be someone who shoves a slice of cake under your nose and tells you to eat it. Maintaining one’s healthy weight is a struggle. Losing weight is an impossibility, unless you manage not to eat at all.

This is especially a problem on Fridays, where there is an added layer of mentality that says, “It’s Friday. You deserve it.”

First world problems, I know. Regardless, I’m going to go zumba dancing tomorrow instead of sleeping in. My waistline will thank me.