It’s amazing how a work day  can be so crazy. At the end of the day, all you have is two hours to get a head start on reports due the following day. And…you have no energy to do anything except sit and stare at your toes, wondering what just hit you.

Then you realize a whole stinkin’ week hit you like a freight train, and you’re still reeling. Stop the room, please, we’d like to get off.

Have you ever had a moment where you have such a mountain of things to get done that you feel it would be absolutely futile to attempt to tackle it all, so you just sit there? They lead you to the mountain, then hand you a spoon and say, “Okay, dig a tunnel.”


But as I’ve said a thousand times, Friday nights are sacred. Your sanity can only stretch so far. Wind down for an hour, do nothing, and then go. Make tea. Read a page of a novel. Or a chapter. Or three. Good rest leads to better work in the morning.

Happy Friday. And good night.