It’s I Love You.

Three small words that strike fear into the hearts of even the toughest of us all, but still just flow from our mouths so easily. “Oh, I LOVE those shoes” – “I LOVE that movie” – “I LOVE this book”. But when it comes to saying it to one another, so many (including myself) find it beyond terrifying.

Typing it as a text message or an email is marginally easier, compared to actually saying it to the people we really should be saying it to… The people that, maybe, need to hear it the most. The parents who raised you well. The friends who stood by your side through thick and thin. The guy you have been in love with for the past 5 years. The girl who lies in bed, wondering who is thinking of her at that very same moment.

We all need to be braver. We all need to stand up. We all need to start saying “I LOVE YOU” to people and not to things… But even more important than that, we need to start meaning it! I love you Pioloooooooooooooo!!! LOL. 😉