This morning I went outside to take out the trash. Nothing remarkable about that, I tell you. But what was remarkable was what hit me once I opened the door.

Fall. Fall air. Full in the face. Dry, breathable, crackling, almost-autumn air.

Mornings like today remind me of just how wonderful living is.

For the rest of the day, I had an almost uncontrollable desire to knit. Yes, Fall makes me knittish. I decided my phone needs a sock.

Fall is tiptoeing in with her little moleskin shoes.

Granted, the rest of the week will be warm and probably muggy. That’s the way it rolls in SoCal. We get a taste of nice weather, then it’s muggy and miserable again for a few more weeks. But then there will be one rain, one little gust of wind, and Fall arrives in all of her glory.

Excuse me while I go put Bing Crosby’s “Autumn Leaves” on the phonograph and brew myself some Earl Grey…oh wait…I don’t have a phonograph…guess Youtube will do. 🙂