The Boy Genius likes music and would break into song every chance he gets. Having spent the last 5 months being roommies with him, I hereby admit that I don’t know the words to any song. Ever.

I know lots of songs. I can recognize them when I hear them. But I have no idea who sings any song, or the name of the song, or the lyrics. Any lyrics I do know are likely wrong. (ie: ‘Letter B, letter B…oh letter B…letter B’ = ‘Let her be’)

I tend to hear the music over the words, so yeah I can totally recognize a song when I hear it. But I couldn’t tell you what it is when I hear it. I just know that it’s a song I should know.

I can hum the tunes, or sing a bass line, or catch the drum part. But I would fail miserably at any song naming or lyric reciting contest. The words just don’t stick in my brain. I know I am very, very lame.

It does, however, make for interesting interpretations of lyrics. And often the feeling of being a total loser while all my friends sing along to the great classics, word for word, while I can only smile and nod. I’m sure I technically have an illness of some sort. I don’t know what it is, but I blame an illness, whatever it is.

I also can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but that’s a whole other issue.