Aloha! So I survived the trip from LA to Hawaii with the Brats. 😉

Hawaii is an amazing place! Pristine beaches, sunny weather, lush greenery…it is heaven on earth. 🙂

BUT…this post isn’t about Hawaii’s flora and fauna. Although I can certainly talk about said flora and fauna if I have enough readers requesting. LOL.

This is about a scene earlier at the grocery store with the Brats.

“Oooh,” moans Brat #3, clutching her chest and doubling over, “oooh, oooh, oooh…!”

Brows raised, Twin Brats and I look at each other and then turn to stare at Brat #3. We’re in the middle of the baby supply aisle when Brat #3 goes into a full body spasm.

She  rubs a hand across the front of her shirt, and contorts her face. “That’s got to hurt.”

Perplexed, Twin Brat #1 stutters a laugh. “What’s gotta hurt?”

“That,” Brat #3 points at the shelves.

Twin Brat #2 studies the display, then turns to Brat #3. “The nipple brush?”

“Oooh,” she nods, “oooh, oooh, oooh.”

For a moment, we purse our lips and then start to laugh. Twin Brats snort as I explain: “You don’t use the brush on your nipples, you use it to clean baby bottles.”

“Oh,” says Brat #3, as shes saunters down the aisle, as though nothing happened. “Nevermind.”

LOL. That made my day.

[renovatio_alert style=”grey”] Today’s featured video: Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry” – cause even if it hurts, big girls don’t cry. 🙂 [/renovatio_alert]