Most people I know were late bloomers. They weren’t giving head in school bathrooms – they were reading SVU.  Most people I know, weren’t cheerleaders or sexy football players. Most people I know weren’t bullies and didn’t aspire to be homecoming queens. Most people I know – minded their own business and re-read the whole Harry Potter series instead of attending a party on a Friday night.

Here is the thing about high school – it’s a confusing jungle. Everyone wants to be somebody else. We battle the same issues but we never confront them. Instead – we become each other’s enemies. We put each other down, we gossip about one another and we aren’t really happy with ourselves or with the world. We seek to find acceptance in the world and we so desperately want to fit in. But we never fully feel accepted or as if we fit in. Man – it’s hard being a teenager.

In high school – most people jump from relationship to relationship and spend 4 years with different significant others. Sometimes they find their first love and fall under a spell. Most times, people crave attention and believe that sort of feeling is a sign of love.

Well, its not.

It isn’t until later, until you finally accept your imperfect self – until you no longer care about what they say, until you look at yourself in the mirror and see how truly beautiful you are – until you realize how important and valuable you are… that is when you find love.

The purest, most sincere type of love: self love. Give it to yourself. You deserve it.