I decided to keep this post short. I know how much people hate to see words bundled up so I will now press enter when I change themes. Whenever that is. Personally I don’t really read paragraphs.

Ah…still need that picture. What about a funny picture with a cat? People like cats for some reason. I was always a dog person myself. Anyway, I’ll start to think about inserting some photos into my paragraphs. Doesn’t mean I’ll do, I’ll just think about it. Then I’ll probably forget about it..especially at times like now when I have the sniffles. Note to self: gotta overdose on orange juice again, I think.

Yeah. Whatever. Waiting for The Boss. He says he’ll be here by 7…should have known he meant in 7 hours and not by 7PM.

Oh well…

Currently listening to Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now”. You can watch the M.V. above.