There comes a point in every girl’s life when she looks at the piles of new stuff lying around her apartment and realize that none of it is going to fit anywhere.

So it’s time to get rid of the old stuff.

Out with that sweater I haven’t worn in a year. Out with the purse given to me by someone who didn’t want it anymore either. Out with the pair of shoes I got from a Nordstrom sale and which gave me blisters every time I wore them. Out with the random junk mail that’s been piled on my desk for six months. Out with the shapeless black t-shirt that I only kept to wear under tops that were too low. Out with the red jacket I got on sale for an amazing price but never wore. Out with the luggage that’s so full of holes that TSA doesn’t need a scanner to see what’s inside. Out with the collared shirt that would never iron properly. Out with the beautiful backless size 2 dress that I vowed I’d fit into again one day, but one of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more realistic. Out with the green skirt I bought because my neighbor’s (the one I was crushing on) favorite color was green, and he turned out to be a jerk. Out, out with them all.

It is a time-proven truth that the less room there is in your closet, the less you can fit into it. I don’t really even need to say that, do I? But how many closets have I seen that were bursting at the seams, so full that no level of organization would make them look less cluttered? Closets so packed that the owner has no concept of what she owns and ends up wearing the same tired outfits every week, because those are the ones that end up hanging from the end of her bed as opposed to hiding in the black hole that is her closet.

I’ve walked away from such closets and found myself so horrified that I couldn’t sleep well that night. Out with the old for me.

Besides, once you clear out the old stuff, there’s room for new clothes. To the sales!