For as long as history has been recorded, people have slapped labels on days. Holidays.  Good days. Bad days. Wretched days. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Days that go down in infamy.

And then there are days that, for whatever reason, are referred to as “just one of those days.”

Normally this carries a negative connotation. Speaking as a female, whenever I say this in the company of other girls, I am almost immediately showered with hugs. “Just one of those days” seems to mean that it is one of those days that are bad.

Although, it may not be bad, per se; it might just be a confusing day. A disorienting day. A weird day—one of those days where you see a grown man in a school-girl costume being chased by a guy with a rubber ducky head, or something similarly inexplicable.

Or here’s a thought: what if “just one of those days” meant it was a really good day? As in, “I’m just having one of those rare awesome, over-the-top, fabulous, everything-worked-out kind of days.” Considering how few and far between such days tend to be, it seems logical that a day so inexplicable and undefinable would get the label “just one of those days.”

If that were the case, then every Friday would be “just one of those days,” if only because there’s the promise of no work when we wake up in the morning.