So I thought I’d add my two cents into what’s going on in Egypt right now.

I’m sure you know about Morsi’s attempt to gain more power over there.

It’s interesting today how we view dictators.

They weren’t all bad. Really.

A good morale dictator is not a bad thing to have.

I mean sure, it’s not as good as a democracy, but societies had dictators before and did fine.

Anyway I think in a time of crisis, which Egypt is in, someone needs to take control…whether the people like it or not.

It’s like in sports: there are moments when the team playing together isn’t enough and the best player needs to help them win.

Abe Lincoln. You know him?

Sixteenth President of The United States and the man who freed the slaves at one point was a dictator.

He suspended Habeas Corpus which didn’t let anyone talk out against the war.

That guy during a time of crisis was a dictator but he had a good heart so he thought of the people while doing it. He didn’t allow power to corrupt him.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in Egypt, whether Morsi is good for them or not, but they will need a leader to get them through their tough times.

The most we can hope for is he wants peace not power.

All too often we see someone get power and not want to give it up.

But really True Power lies in the man who can give up his power for the people.