Getting a song stuck in your head is one thing. That’s something you can cope with: either hum it out loud or listen to a different song, and it’ll be gone.

But every so often, there will be a song that matches a mood or brings back a memory, and every time you think about that song, the memory or the sensation will flood back and wash over you, changing you. No matter what mood you were in before, it will change.

I know I’m just recycling an old theme, here. I’ve rambled about this before. I’m sorry. But there is truly nothing new under the sun, and the things that were important to us once will always be important to us, in a way. That’s why I keep bringing up the power of music.

I’m a fairly equal-opportunity listener. Music in general makes my soul dance, and the rest of me dances along as well, sometimes. I’ll listen to anything so long as I don’t hear swearing or anything that makes my skin crawl in a bad way.

But I go through phases where I listen to the same songs, or just one song, over and over and over again. I listen until I can hum it in my sleep; until it’s the first thing I find myself humming when I’m stressed, and can sing the harmony line without having to think about it.

I am no great musician, but when I get the chance to wrap myself in a song and truly understand it and appreciate it, it is at those moments when I am truly grateful for the gift of music. I may not be the best singer, songwriter, composer, violinist, or whistler—but I, along with everyone on this planet, can have a song in my heart.

That being said, my all-time LSS song, my life’s theme, so to speak, is Mariah Carey’s “Can’t Take That Away”. Enjoy the video. 🙂