How easy it is to be overwhelmed by the emotions we least want.

How sickeningly simple it is to hold on to negative emotions like anger, resentment, bitterness, and hatred.

Those things are like junk food for the soul–they taste good at the moment of consumption, but leave lasting damage.

Feast a long time on oily lies, crunchy, salty self-satisfaction, and sugary pride, and we’ll find ourselves dying of a heart-attack of the worst kind.

If only it were a little less of a challenge to willingly feast on the green, nutritious sprouts of meekness, gentleness, forbearance, peace, true love, and the virtue of letting go.

And while we are tempted to reach for the potato chips of sarcastic, caustic thoughts, we have to remember that it’s impossible to take just one.

So heap me up a plate of the spinach of forgiveness–and pass the blue cheese dressing.

Bon appetit!