I’ve never been one to read biographies. My best friend went on a biography kick back in high school, but I could never quite jump on the bandwagon. I’m an escapist, when it comes down to it; I like to read something that takes me away from the world I live in. Occasionally I’ll read about the life of some famous person if I really want to, but normally I get so bogged down in the dates and the facts that it ceases to be pleasure reading and feels more like homework.

However, I had someone remark to me today that you could write a biography about any average Joe on the street, and it would still make for a good biography. He said that in his opinion, no one leads an uninteresting life.

He made an excellent point. How often do we become discontent with our lives and accomplishments because we compare them with the lives and accomplishments of others? After all, “a person’s a person, no matter how small.” God made every life unique and significant. No one is an accident, and no one’s life is accidental. And no matter who you are, whether you’re the president of the United States or the guy who trims the White House hedges, your life is a distinct and well-planned adventure.

On that happy note, go and live your beautiful and significant lives on this beautiful and significant day.