The tears, the pain, the blood, and the bruising. Brat #5 has entered a clumsy phase.  As he walks, he tends to trip. He can’t seem to go through one day where he doesn’t hurt himself. It breaks my heart every time I hear that cry. 🙁 I would give anything to take the pain away.

BUSTED LIPS. Yes, that is plural on the busted lip. The first time, he fell on his sippy cup and busted it. The blood from a busted lip is the scariest. The poor angel was bawling his eyes out, lip quivering. Two days later, he tripped and fell right on the lip again and reopened the wound. And again, and again. Five times total so far, one time was Brat #4 pushing him down, as kids do. I think Brat #4 was the most upset about really hurting him. I think it is finally healing up but it is very sensitive, certain foods and drinks cause him pain.

THE COFFEE TABLE LOVE STORY. Brat #5 has a love-hate relationship with the coffee table in our suite. It is great for playing or even eating at but it just beats him up. He runs into it and bruises his pretty skin. He falls over and hits it head first. I have thought about getting rid of it but I think I will just ask the hotel staff to childproof it.

NOT GUILTY! At times, I worry that someone will see the lip or the bruises and Brat #5’s blood all over my shirt, from holding him, and think I have done something. In this day and age, it is easy to report abuse, which I am so glad about, but some things can be misconstrued. This happened to my neighbor Ellen. Ellen’s sister passed away 2 years ago and left her in custody of her niece. Every bump and bruise, she had to justify because her niece’s grandmother on her dad’s side wanted custody and was looking for any and every excuse to get it. I do not want to get into trouble with my boss or Brat #5’s parents when we get home from the trip and they see their baby all bruised and banged up. Children get hurt, it is the worst possible fact of life but it is a fact of life. Of course, that does not stop the guilt. Maybe if I was watching more closely. Or…

Maybe if I bubble wrap the kid and the entire suite? LOL.

Enjoy this Vin Diesel (Hotness!) clip from the movie “The Pacifier”. I can definitely empathize with the poor guy. We’re on the same boat right now. Well, for a few more days, at least.