If there’s one phrase I’ve heard a million times, it’s “all good things must come to an end.” That’s fine – it’s a fact of life: after all, all good things do come to an end eventually. Shopping expeditions. A season of your favorite T.V. show. Good books. The summer of your first love. You name it, you enjoy it, and it ends. Circle of life, all that jazz. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know.

It’s at this point that we stop and wonder, “So…why doesn’t the really awful stuff in life end sooner?”

Good grief, I know I can’t answer that. It would be convenient if bad things ended sooner. It would be easy, smooth, blowing over as quickly as a summer storm or as quick as getting a flu shot. But no. By some awful Murphy-an law of nature, bad stuff lingers. I’d philosophize on this if I had time and you all had the necessary patience. But I don’t, so I’ll spare you.

At least know this: bad things do end eventually. The Friday of a week of woes will come, and everything will be okay again. Don’t worry. And never give up.