Life is no more than a long string of decisions.

One choice followed by another, thought after thought, from beginning to end.

From the decision “I’m hungry, therefore I’ll cry” to the decision “I think I need to close my eyes now, one last time,” we do nothing but make choices.

I remember clearly the bulletin board in my 6th grade classroom. It was bold black letters on a white paper background. It was the only thing that I, a first row student, could see from my precarious vantage point right under the instructor’s nose. It read:

 “Only two choices on the shelf. Pleasing God, or pleasing self.”

It boils things down significantly. When all you have to think about is what makes God happy vs. what makes you happy, it narrows your options at least a little. The wonderful thing is that if we choose what God wants, we will ultimately be happy in our decision. Granted, that often involves a lot of delayed gratification. But in the end…short term loss, long term gain.

God does not withhold from His children anything that He knows they’ll need. He’s good that way. So if you walk with Him, trusting Him, He will show you the way. Every. Single. Step.

And that’s a happy thought.