I love children’s books. I don’t mean modern day young adult fiction, like the Harry Potter or Hunger Games series (Not that these aren’t worth a read), but the true classics like  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass, Peter Pan and Wendy, The Water Babies, and Winnie-the-Pooh. These books weren’t written for children by adults wanting to make money off a captive market (because is there really any more captive audience than a 9 year old just before bed time?), but because they were just good, old fashioned tales that told a story, and taught a lesson. Some of the most insightful quotes about life, along with all its curiosities and mishaps, come from these amazing kiddies classic.

Maybe I love them so much because they remind me of a time when life was simple. I long for those days – Days when we played in the sun, took afternoon naps in the lush, green grass, splashed in muddy ponds and had imaginary friends (oh, wait…I still do!). Days when a cut was instantly healed by a tender kiss and a well-positioned band aid from Mommy, and the monsters under the bed were kept at bay by Daddy’s demented “Go-Away-Monster” dance, with accompanying lyrics of course. Days before rent and grocery bills. Days before 9-to-5 jobs and credit card re-payments. Days before lonely nights and empty beds. Days before unkind words, harsh realities and broken promises. Days before broken hearts, lost innocence and learning that sometimes you do need a little more than just love to make it through.