I just came back from spending 48 hours with 3 very annoying couples. All I could do was count the hours until I was back in my apartment, googling movie clips. I am lame, I know. I should’ve socialized with these 3 couples. But – I had no intention of getting to know them. All I wanted to do was sleep.

They were all annoying.


Annoyingly cheesy. And they kept calling each other: babe, baby, honey, lamb chops…I mean really? LAMB CHOPS???

The worst part was when the boyfriends did something immature, the girls came back to me and complained about their boyfriends.

and I would sit there nodding.

When the boyfriends did something “cute”, they would brag about it – and I would be nodding wishing to be far away.

Oh Lord! And these people kissed so loudly it hurt my ears.

I feel like such a grandmother but PDA affects my vision. I love seeing old couples hold hands and kiss each other  on the cheek but not make out in front of me. I have no idea where to place my eyes. Now – imagine 3 couples making out at the same time, I just had to close my eyes the whole time.

I hate cheesy couples.