Category: Odds N Ends

I give 100% to everything I do. Even germs.

Try not to say ‘ewww’ when people tell you they’re having a baby.

As children, very few of us were adventurous eaters.

Heap me up a plate of the spinach of forgiveness–and pass the blue cheese dressing.

I decided to keep this post short.

Unlike normal people, I don’t make my New Year’s resolutions in January.

The definition of success varies from person to person and from day to day.

I’ll use this blog for all those stories I’ve been meaning to write.

I wish I had more patience

I’m not sure if it has yet occurred to my brain that my body is sleep deprived.

Nothing is more attractive than a woman who has her own aura going for her.

Today I got the overwhelming feeling of being incredibly happy to be alive.

Every so often, there will be a song that matches a mood or brings back a memory

If my major were “Professional Daydreaming,” I’d be set for life.

We spend countless minutes thinking and analyzing and later over-analyzing everything.