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I’m told my impatience could be due to a vitamin deficiency

I decided to keep this post short.

Unlike normal people, I don’t make my New Year’s resolutions in January.

Exhausted people everywhere have been looking forward to tonight for a very long time.

If my major were “Professional Daydreaming,” I’d be set for life.

I’d rather simply walk into Mordor…

Every year I make one major New Year’s resolution to improve myself. This year’s big winner? To be more tolerant toward others.

I’m going to rant about three things today: panty-lines, doctors who smoke, and why women talk so much.

Soon I’ll be off on more “Get Back In Shape” adventures.

Call me crazy. Call me weird. Call me anti-capitalist. Call me whatever you like, but I see no sense in Black Friday shopping.

Up tells a better love story in eight minutes than Twilight did in three whole movies.

I love driving with The Boss at night.