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Exhausted people everywhere have been looking forward to tonight for a very long time.

I’ll use this blog for all those stories I’ve been meaning to write.

I wish I had more patience

I’m not sure if it has yet occurred to my brain that my body is sleep deprived.

Nothing is more attractive than a woman who has her own aura going for her.

Today I got the overwhelming feeling of being incredibly happy to be alive.

Every so often, there will be a song that matches a mood or brings back a memory

If my major were “Professional Daydreaming,” I’d be set for life.

We spend countless minutes thinking and analyzing and later over-analyzing everything.

My life has always been so beautiful. If only time could slow down a little so I could stop and savor it.

I’d rather simply walk into Mordor…

I met a young lady standing in line at the post office with triplets; 2 boys and a girl.

Every year I make one major New Year’s resolution to improve myself. This year’s big winner? To be more tolerant toward others.