There are two kinds of exhaustion: mental exhaustion and physical exhaustion.

The former is the result of hectic schedules and frayed nerves. Referred to most commonly as “burnout,” mental exhaustion can occur even if the victim has done nothing but sit at a desk all day. Two examples are the cubicle-dwelling business man and the college student with a major in pre-med and a minor in caffeine consumption.

The latter, while still just as exhausting, is a little more rewarding. Physical exhaustion, obviously, comes from expending a lot of physical energy. Equal exhaustion can come both from a long day of shoveling gravel or a long day of scampering around a theme park in the rain. Granted, one is a lot more fun, but one still ends up just as tired.

Having experienced ample doses of both of the garden-varieties of exhaustion, the writer of this blog intends on collapsing into a blissfully unconscious heap in the very near future.

Good night.