I suck at titles, I know. 😉

Anyways, let’s get to know each other. Call me Gourmet Girl – self-confessed workaholic and all-around dork. I’m not a chef, I’m a trial and error, self taught, sugar addict who likes to cook and bake eat… a lot and blog about the experience.

Writing titles for my entries isn’t the only thing I suck at. I’m terrible at sports, mathematics, directions, and anything with numbers or angles!

I love to travel and explore the world around me, eat good food, try new (and exciting) things, read noteworthy books, listen to mood music, learn different languages, and master new technology.

I’m all for adventures and living life to the fullest. In a way I’m on a constant mission to discover more ways I can have fun on a shoestring-budget. Three things I’ve become really good at:  chasing after elusive gourmet treats, tracking down the newest beauty elixirs and finding the best deals on the latest gadgets. LOL.

After years of globe-trotting and frequent career-switching (yes, I’m a real Jill-of-all-trades!) trying to figure out just where I fit in this “big wide world”, I’ve finally settled down in L.A. where I’ve been working hard while still finding time to discover new restaurants, great fashion finds, awesome geek toys, and exciting travel destinations on a weekly basis.

Other than being a workaholic and gourmet junkie, I’m just your average, garden-variety, normal kind of girl trying to make the most of each day and enjoy the little things in life.

This blog is where I share my thoughts about anything and everything. I must warn you though (in case it’s still not obvious) – I’m a big foodie so most of my posts would probably be about food, food, and more food! Don’t be shocked if you find an incredibly long post about some place I had some amazing (or horrid) grub in.

Oh, and expect to find a few posts about how I’m a real girl with a real budget trying to keep it all together; or how gourmet recipes save me from going crazy from extreme hunger; and sometimes, for some odd reason, you’d also find me cluttering the www with my views on fashion, beauty, and shopping (like I actually know what I’m talking about!).

The rest of the time, I’ll be ranting or raving about books, music, movies, travel destinations, technology, and activities in and around Los Angeles or wherever my adventures take me. :)

Feel free to poke around my blog and shoot me an email if you feel like chatting. Happy reading!